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In the Love and Light of the Ancestors

Our school is dedicated to preserving the teachings of our Ancestors. These teachings are timeless and we can learn how to apply them in our modern lives – our Ancestors knew these teachings would have as much relevance today as they did in times past and so they preserved them so that they can continue to be learned, shared, applied and perpetuated. When you do a course with the school, after on-costs, your fees go towards community projects – you can read about our Projects and get updates on our Projects Page. You give as you receive and together we will build our ‘ohana (community). It’s how we honour the Ancestors and the gift they have left us in the Teachings.

We can ALL move forward

There is a Hawaiian Proverb “love gives life within”. In our school we recognise that we can move forward as a Global Community if we decide to reset our starting place. And that place is understanding there can be no separation between Us and Everything else. It’s not only about understanding we cannot be separate from the rest of Existence, but knowing HOW we cannot be separate. “No Separation” is the foundational message of our school. Our time is calling for a Global Community – an “international nation” people who know and understand they are part of Nature, of the Universe, of something more than themselves and know how to live this way. Nature already knows truth, Humankind

Our logo and the lehua blossoms

Our Logo is a symbol of where we are on the Earth and our connection to our place of Origin, our Ancestors, Guardians and all things in this Universe. The Lehua Flower Blossoms are flowers of ʻike – knowledge and wisdom. In many stories and chants the Kupuna/Elders are referred to as Lehua Blossoms. It is said when you see all of the colours of the Lehua together, you are seeing all the ʻike of the Universe – which makes it a perfect symbol for our work. Both are reminders of unconditional love as the driving force of the Universe…

Anakala Pilipo & Kumu Lawrence

Kumu is a term earned by a person who has mastered knowledge and completed a uniki process. Kumu Hula Anakala (Uncle) Pilipo & Kumu Pa’a Lawrence are tireless in their efforts to preserve the Teachings & Traditional Wisdom of Halawa Valley Molokai. They are famous for saying “nothing is secret, but everything is sacred”. They share the Teachings to all who are willing to listen and learn. Uncle Pilipo is recognised as living treasure of Hawaii.

Anakala Pilipo, Kumu Lawrence & Julia

Kumu Hula Anakala Pilipo & Kumu Pa'a Nui Lawrence

49th and 50th Generation Teachers

Anakala (Uncle) Pilipo is the 49th Generation & Kumu Lawrence the 50th Generation of Teachers – the foundation spiritual teachings underpinning all courses in each of the School Streams are from our Lineage of 50+ Generations. As one of the oldest continuous teaching Lineages in Hawaii, it is the Teachings from Halawa Valley, the home of our Lineage, that you are helping to preserve. These Teachings and ways of understanding the Universe so that we can all live in Oneness with our environment, are as relevant today as ever. They’re critical to how we go forward as a Global Community and it all starts with each one of us learning the teachings and applying them to life.

Kumu Paʻa Julia Nalani Adams

51st Generation; SoHad Co-creator and Chief Guide

SoHAD is co-created by Julia with the intention to preserve the Teachings for the next Generations and the Global Community, who can benefit from them as a strong, unshakeable foundation for life – Teachings applicable to each one of us regardless of our Cultural Backgrounds. These are Universal Teachings that show you how much “westernised” Spirituality has forgotten about the totality of life, death and everything in between. They’re about who you are, what you do and how you are moment to moment – your wholeness and fullness as a person. The Teachings we are trying to preserve through our real world projects cover everything from training, landcare, food management to family care. At the heart of these day to day activities are the Teachings. They are our driving force…


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