Meet the Guides

Move past old blocks, patterns and mindtraps and put what you learn in your course into life. We help you do the heavy lifting that gets real results.

The Guides are hand-picked

They help you get where you want to go

All the Wise Guides have years of specialist experience helping people get to know and understand themselves better. They come from varied backgrounds and all have studied extensively – most of all in the school of life. That’s what makes them so special and so real-world expert.

Each of our Guides have been where you are now and they know the journey ahead very well. Although they each work with you in slightly different ways, they all come from a holistic, person-centred perspective, always starting with care for the Spirit. We know each other very well. If we’re not the right Guide for you, we’ll let you know and recommend the right Guide for you…                                                  

…and you don’t have to be a student of the School to book time with them.

Anyone with inner work to do can book with a Wise Guide. Each 45 min 1:1 Session is online. Want to hit up your favourite Guide? Ask us BEFORE Booking – go to Contact Page

Meet Mark

Mark has 10+years of experience as a Holistic & Gestalt Counsellor: “I like helping people to take the road less travelled rather than get stuck on the freeway. When you’re doing the theory and practice activities, it’s a good time to consider your whole Self – spirit, mind, body it’s all equally important. Doing transformative, self development brings up your old, unresolved “stuff” and that’s where I can step in. We can openly discuss what’s happening and I can guide you through what’s needed. My Superpower: a super-safe presence, pinpointing just the right questions to guide people to grow and come out the other side…”

Meet Julia Nalani

SoHAD Co-creator and a former award winning Learning & Development Executive: “One day I realised I didn’t want my work and my life to be two different things so I retrained as a Holistic Psychotherapist, then in Eco-psychology before reconnecting with my Polynesian Cultural origins. These Teachings, from the Lineage of Kumu Pa’a Lawrence Kalainia Kamani Aki, are the foundation of all SoHAD Courses. The Guides help you to see beyond where you are now, reach out to them often. My Superpower: seeing into the subtle, and noticing the hidden OMG moments that others canʻt see …

Meet Deborah

Deborah comes from a Corporate Gig background and works holistically as a Mentor from an Archetype Perspective. She’s a Welshwoman who’s a lifelong student of Hawaiian Spirituality! “Studying Hawaiian Spirituality has brought me to a deeper level of appreciation of my own Cultural Background. So I draw on that richness, my Archetype training & corporate experience in my work as a Mentor. I also help you to identify “self-care” ideas to support yourself through the learning process. My Superpower: how to care for yourself through the inner change process…”

Meet Birgit "Bee"

“I enjoy working and living from an Earth Medicine perspective interweaving my ancient Austrian culture with other ancient Indigenous cultural wisdom. Love is my guiding force and teacher. As we become more aware of the interconnectedness of ALL in the web of life, we deepen our understanding of the importance of Balance and Harmony. If we foster it within ourselves, it flows through to everything, and everybody connected in the web. When I work with you, I bring my skills in Eco-Psychology and Soul Centred Healing as well as Systemic Family Constellation work and Holistic Counselling”. My superpower: to truly sit, listen and be present with you.


Meet Krystyna

From a Corporate high-flying background, Krystyna helps people find their wings and fly high by developing their spirit-mind-body awareness. She’s studied Mind Body Counselling, Energetic Healing and the Japanese healing art Red-Ki. “I love working with Leaders changing it up, tomorrows Leaders who want to do it differently, and people ready to crack their potential wide open”. My superpower: communicating with the physical body to understand what the emotional body needs and teaching you to do it too…


Everyday brings greater knowledge & greater mana. It’s the Wise Guides who help you to reach deep within, see the truth and release the immense power of Aloha – unconditional love…