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 Learn as a special interest, as your family Healer or work as a Professional Therapist. These are the Teachings of our 50+ Generations from Halawa Valley Molokai, Hawaii. Our own Teacher Kumu Paʻa Nui Lawrence Kalainia Kamani Aki – 50th Generation of Teachers – wants us to share them with you, and Kumu Pa’a Julia Nālani is ready to go in the classroom. It’s an important distinction to have your training by a Lineage Kumu who’s also a Practitioner, because it means your training is 100% pure, genuine and authentic, and your Kumu knows exactly what it’s like being a Practitioner. 


Hawaiian Spirituality

Learn about the Hawaiian Spirituality Courses and how they all fit together. Our courses are Modular. There’s the Common Core Courses: The Path to Pa’a – Part 1: PAPA and Path to Pa’a – Part 2: Living Pa’a for Practitioner Level Training. From there you choose your Training Pathway. Spiritual Seekers and Explorers start with the Path to Pa’a – Part 1: PAPA and then you decide where to next. Maybe you want to learn to Oli/Chant or maybe join a Hula Course.  Everyone who wants to learn about Hawaiian Spirituality and Healing starts here. It gives you the PAPA – the foundation for lifelong healthy, Spiritual living. If you’re not ready to dive into a whole Course, do it Workshop by Workshop.


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“It‘s such a beautiful teaching and you get so many good tools for yourself to take with you and work on your path!”

“Your teachings and presentations were fabulous…”

“”The follow-up session was really great. I needed time to let everything sink in and work out what that means for me.”

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