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Learn how to understand yourself, people and situations. Tune in to your soul vibes and stop resisting, struggling, or trying to control things.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Find out Who You Can Be

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Find out Who You Can Be

When a  sense of reverence surrounds your being it creates movement with every thought and action. You allow your inner self to quietly shine.

When you honour and respect yourself from deep within, you also honour and respect the needs of others. It allows whatever needs to be worked through and achieved to be done with dignity and respect.

This is the time of Lono I ka Makahiki – or Makahiki Season. It is a period often called Hawaiian New Year. Lono is one of the 4 major Akua/Gods & Goddess. He is associated with Agriculture, Rain, Fertility, Peace and Goodwill.

An Old Friend Wants to Meet You

An Old Friend Wants to Meet You

You are not alone. Although we have the Teaching of No Separation, the truth is you are never truly alone. Separation is the illusion.

All things work in unity and harmony. You are part of the unity. It is a universal bond that can never be broken.

That this bond feels broken, disconnected or missing doesnʻt mean that it canʻt be found and repaired. We all have those times when we feel weʻve lost our way…

Podcast Episodes: Tea with Beryl

Grab a cup of tea, get happening and get in to some seriously cool discussions about life and spirituality

Coming in 2024…Finally!

Coming in 2024…Finally!

 Still in the Studio Coming in 2024, Tea with Beryl is raw and real. You wonʻt find a highly polished, edited to an inch of itʻs life studio conversation. The Tea is the conversations we have around the kitchen table - just like Kumu used to have growing up....

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