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Learn how to understand yourself, people and situations. Tune in to your soul vibes and stop resisting, struggling, or trying to control things.

Understand Yourself Better – start with the Pō, the Place of Origin

Understand Yourself Better – start with the Pō, the Place of Origin

It all starts with a special kind of listening. A listening, that is so deep, so clear, so unencumbered that there is no mistaking what you are hearing. It is in PŌ – The Place of Origin – that the Ancestors reside. The Ancestors who know and your potentials. They know all that is possible for you. Want to heal and develop personally and professionally? It all starts with discovering the interconnectedness of your own identity. It is only through that process you will truly understand your spiritual sacredness and the sacred nature and importance of your relationship with “place”…

What Will You Do in 2022…

What Will You Do in 2022…

Thinking of drawing a line in the sand? What does 2022 hold for you? Could it be Your Year – what will you grow? Wise Guide Mark has given this a bit of thought, and put together some ideas for giving the tangles 2021 the boot and getting our eyes clearly on a new horizon … doing your inner work is the gift that just keeps giving for the rest of your life 🎁. Onward …

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Grab a cup of tea, get happening and get in to some seriously cool discussions about life and spirituality

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