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No matter where in the world you live, you can learn with us in our Online Schoolhouse. Some courses are fully self-paced so you can go it alone, most are blended learning – self-study plus online and face to face sessions. And, if you live near our training sites in Australia, Hawaii or when we travel, we’d love to see you in person at one of our workshops or retreats. Did you know Practitioner Level Courses within our School of Hawaiian Spiritual Studies and School of Spirituality are recognised by our Lineage as well as in 39 Countries through our association with International Institute for Complementary Therapists? YUP!

Online Courses

SoHAD has 3 Schools: the School of Spirituality, the School of Healing and Development and the School of Hawaiian Spiritual Studies. See what we have on offer in each of our schools below. Plus, you can also preview what courses are next and sign up for notification when the Classroom doors are open for enrolments. Every course contributes to our Social Projects.

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What’s your next step?  Each School has its own Course Guide which tells you simply:

  • what’s in each course
  • how the modules fit together
  • common modules
  • learning pathways
  • elective modules
  • costs and payment structures
  • course recognitions
  • booking Wise Guide sessions
  • plus some courses have free bonus modules 

What’s On: SoHAD LIVE

Ready to start learning? Or maybe you want to connect in via our Podcasts, Video Discussions, Skillbuilders and more. Check out what’s next. Our Learning Philosophy is your learning your way and we’re adding to our Training Calendar all the time.

What’s Next:  Attend a Premiere

The Design Desk is working overtime. As we’re getting ready to add to our selection of Personal Development & Practitioner Level Courses, we start showing them off here and in Premier Classes. You can attend a Premiere and be first to preview what’s next…

PATH TO PAʻA: PAPA - Foundations

The Papa Course is the Foundation for all training within the School of Hawaiian Spiritual Studies. Whether you’re a Spiritual Seeker, Home Healer or wanting to work in Professional Practice using modalities such as Lomi Lomi Bodywork Massage or as a Luna Ho’oponopono, learn to Oli/Chant or Hula/Dance, this is where it all starts.

High Fives: What did you learn?

“…Cultural immersion through theory, demonstration, active participation and teacher modelling. Perfect! I feel I’ve been given a solid foundation on which to build…”

PATH TO PAʻA: Living Paʻa

Part 2 of our Path to Paʻa Series. We explore each of the Papa Teachings at depth and show you how to put them into daily practice. A journey of profound inner understanding as we move from “what” to “how”. Living Paʻa is a Healing Essential and included in our Practitioner Training Courses – Healers learn how to use the Teachings and Tools in their Client Sessions. These are also RPL Modules for students returning to trainign after a break. Lifeʻs better when you live Paʻa.

Turn on, Tune in: What did you learn?

“…It‘s a beautiful teaching and so much amazing wisdom and knowledge! I learned a lot for life! Julia and
Deborah are pure and so authentic that you could feel the Ancestors around us, that was magical!.”


Learn how to do Hoʻoponopono Sessions. Become a Luna Hoʻoponopono as a Home Healer or Professional Practitioner. Traditional Hoʻoponopono Training as itʻs been done for 51 Generations. Luna Hoʻoponopono Training is a natural complement to Lomi Lomi Massage (Bodywork) – today most Practitioners are trained in both. Learn the whole Process, all the correct cultural elements and permissions, plus endorsement from our Kumu Nui.


RPL means Recognition of Prior Learning. We know thereʻs heaps of people who have learned the bodywork/massage part of Lomi Lomi, but not the Cultural Teachings which are the foundation of all Healing and Lomi Lomi. Whilst thereʻs different styles of Lomi Lomi, the Teachings are always the Teachings. Plus, as Preservers of Cultural Knowledge, we think everyone practicing Lomi Lomi has a part to play. Join a course, get the Teachings and watch your Practice explode to another level – and our Kumu Nui will sign you off.


More correctly – itʻs Lomi Lomi Bodywork. We have a unique approach to learning Lomi Lomi. Learn all of the Cultural Teachings that are the foundation of authentic Lomi Lomi Practice, as well as how to give a foundation level Lomi Lomi. Filled with Insider know-how, thereʻs a free bonus module too. If youʻre only learning the “massage”, youʻre not learning Lomi Lomi.

OO, Soul Candy: What did you learn?

“…To build a strong fundament and self love! And to be pure authentic and real…that is what people touches!
Thatʻs why Julia and Deborah touched me deeply…because they have been so authentic and real..”


We have two sky-rocket recognitions. All Courses in our School of Hawaiian Spiritual Studies are certified by our prestigious Lineage of 50+ Generations – ya’ don’t get that everyday, lemme tell you! But that’s not all…these Practitioner Level Courses & the Practitioner Level Courses in our School of Spirituality, have been given the Seal of Excellence by the IICT – the International Institute of Complementary Therapists! So we’re an Approved Training Provider recognised in 39 Countries too!

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