Virtual Retreat.

We Retreat to Rekindle, Rediscover, Reclaim, Reaffirm – all the RE’s for 2022

Free! Virtual Retreat: Water the Seed. 03 January 2022. 09:30am – 4:30pm AUSTRALIA

For Practitioners of Lomilomi, Holistic Practitioners & Intending Hoʻoponopono or Lomilomi Practitioners, Seekers


Join Kumu Paʻa Julia Nālani 51st Generation Teacher from the Lineage of Kumu Paʻa Nui Lawrence Kalainia Kamani Aki, Halawa Valley, Molokai Hawaii, the SoHAD Wise Guides and Friends of the SoHAD for a day of Retreat & Reflection. From the Opening Welsh Druidry Ceremony to the Closing with Meditation, Dance & Chant, this is a day of Spiritual Cleansing – detoxing what has been so we remember ourselves as woven from the light of the Ancestors, the light of unconditional love.

Water the Seed Virtual Retreat








We are woven from light, what light? The light of unconditional love.


Through the trials and tribulations of every day life, we forget this sometimes. When we Retreat, we create space for our rememberance – of our connections, our sacredness. Our search for our gifts, our offering to ourselves, our lives, our families, our communities and the return to the Cosmos itself – is found in this space of rememberance. We are part of the memory and we reclaim ourselves within it. 


We roam our wilderness.


That is why we Retreat, to sink in, to close the door on distraction, interruption, other doingness. We Retreat to roam into the wilderness of our inner landscape, to be curious, adventurous, wonderous, discoverous, freeing our tethers of the unnecessary


We freefall into our depth.

We Retreat so we can freefall into that place within our depth where we can imagine possibilities, experiment with ideas, and dream rich, diverse and creative solutions


We step in gently.

We find our way with steps guided by our Ancestors; we feel their breath, hear their voice and follow. Our caring is for the Truth of ourselves, our intention is for living it forward

We forge our hearth.

We tend our virgin fire. Our HEARTh. We care for it. We learn to water the seed. Fire and Water are not opposite. They are Nature’s abundance of pure form. We water the seed. Sacred water, sacred fire. To awaken the stars for billions we start with ourselves…

When we water the Seed, we replenish the Light


Our Teachings share that we are the light of Aloha – of unconditional love. We are born with this Light. It can get diminished along the way. We mourn and grieve our diminishing; we call out into night, into the Darkness, wondering if we have been heard. Our Ancestors hear. They always hear, but can we Listen? If your calling is loud, you will not hear over the cry of your Separation, for that is what grieves you, haunts you, torments you. Our Teachings tell us we must learn how to forget, so we can remember, and we must remember to forget.


Ceremony: Welsh Druidry


Our Retreat opens with a Welsh Druidry Ceremony which you can join in too from your own space. Then come inside the classroom to learn about Welsh Spirituality…

 With Wise Guide Deborah Rose Halani

It's the Vibes Baby

“Your teachings and presentations were fabulous…” NSW Workshop Australia

Workshop: The Seeds of Your Living

Our Seeds are not our Values, they’re so much more. When we find them, we make ourselves more real, more whole than we’ve ever been. Each is sent as a guide from our Ancestors…

With SoHAD Chief Guide Kumu Pa’a Julia Nālani

Right On!

“I loved every element, both taught and experienced. Thank you!” NSW Workshop Australia

Workshop: Heart-led Decisions

Enter the HeartHouse of the Authentic Self – learn to positively navigate the emotional landscape of life, achieve emotional balance & make heart-led decisions without getting taken down by life’s many curveballs…

With SoHAD Wise Guide Krystyna Weston

“You clearly have many gifts to bring to this work, those you serve will be in good hands”

River Jones, about Wise Guide Deborah Rose Halani 

Let's go wandering in the maze of life...


Your invitation to weave is here; we open our door to you. If you been caught in a tangled funk, asking yourself if this or that is the right move, questioning if you’re going in the wrong direction, not sure  what’s right for you and just want to clear the path for 2022, put your tushy on our Retreat Cushion…mysterious co-incidence is the Ancestors showing you your next step. It’s time to listen quietly, reach inside your heart and let the Ancestors light your way…


Water the Seed, each session inspires your Light:

The Healing Force

we will listen for the steps of the Ancestors

Drink from the Well

we will water ourselves with knowledge

Sit patiently through the dark

until we recognise the light of dawn of wisdom

We will fly with our opposites

meeting ourselves with acceptance

We will ask for what we really want

and let ourselves be pulled toward it

We will turn ourselves upside down

let our troubles open the door, hearing the voices of the Ancestors walking our road with us

Plus, there’s a retreat pack:

Get your Retreat Pack when you register 

So you can create your own Retreat space and participate in Ceremonies & Workshops

When we do things together from our Collective Essence, we create a movement of collective joy

From Rumi: “When your heart is cleansed of everything you
think you are, you’ll see yourself as an old beloved soul. It’s not possible to see yourself without a mirror so gaze at the beloved; let his face become your mirror.”

Let’s reset 2022 …

…we have all been living through a time of upheaval, strangeness for some, frustration, fear, resignation, hoplessness and anger for others. But we cannot continue to take that forward into 2022. We must heal ourselves, we must realign, we must free ourselves, we must become our full blooming, our potential, our invitation to turn the beat around.

We must heal our  separation …

…our separation keeps us in a state of pain; we cannot experience or know our light when we are in this state. We must take steps to move out of it and enter into the state of what our Hawaiian Ancestors called lōkahi – unity, harmony, oneness and balance – and live our lives from it. Lōkahi starts with ourselves and ripples gently into the world around us. That is how we achieve world change. The whole world exists within us…

About Kumu Paʻa Julia Nālani Adams

Julia Nālani is a fulltime Lomilomi & Luna Hoʻoponopono Practitioner, co-author of two books about Traditional Hawaiian Spirituality (yuppidy – who wouldʻve thought)…

…unikiʻd to Kumu Paʻa of the 51st Generation of Halawa Valley Molokai, Hawaii through the Lineage of her teacher Kumu Paʻa Nui Lawrence Aki…she has been given the kuleana/responsibility to care for the Sacred Teachings and to train Practitioners & Seekers in them

…at the same time, she is the Chief Guide at the SoHAD, School of Spirituality, Healing & Development – a social enterprise dedicated to funding and supporting Projects that preserve the Teachings of the Ancestors of First Nations People across the world for Generations to come.

When you train with us, attend our events and share the love on our Socials, you are contributing to our work. Mahalo plenty. ~❤🌺