As soon as the change of season hits the Socials are full of “detox promises”. You can only really detox if you pay attention to what’s going on SPIRITUALLY, MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY in that order. What you experience Physically is anchored to your Spiritual Alignment – everything starts and ends there.

Think about it this way – if you crave “bad foods” because they’re giving you some short term “feel good” then something else is pleading for your attention. Eating “the bad” is a way of trying to put off or avoid what’s making you FEEL bad in daily life. Allow yourself a moment to digest this and you’ll FEEL the truth of it.

Because the TRUTH is you don’t want to FEEL something, whatever it is. Our Ego makes it larger than life. Magnifies it. Catastrophises it. TRICKS you into the lie that “you’re bad”, “you’re not enough”, “you’re powerless” and so on. Ego creates a false story that stops you living fully in the world.

We fall into these EGO TRAPS because our Spiritual Foundation isn’t strong and unshakeable. We have become SEPARATE – we speak about this fundamental Teaching often in our workshops – and because of the separation from the Truth, we become FEARFUL. All healing is healing the Fear. Ego makes the Fear bigger than it is because it adds layers to it – the negative self talk, what we THINK people are saying about us, tiredness and apathy, hoplessness, trying to please everyone, changing ourselves to be loved, selling ourselves out and so on.

It’s all the handiwork of EGO and if you keep letting it get the better of you, then doing a detox that only focuses on physical health robs you of an incredible opportunity to detox it all, and clear what’s been swept under the rug for good.

The PATH TO PA’A is LIVING PONO: The SoHAD created this Course with our our Hawaiian Ancestral Teachings as the foundation, to help people find their way in life, overcome blocks and barriers & plant seeds for different ways to live in a state of peaceful happiness and unconditional love. We support you to walk your path. Learn more on our Courses Page