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Been doing some thinking? Maybe you’ve been letting thoughts roll around, wondering about what’s next, where to take your Practice, how to grow your Biz, stabilise it, get more clients…maybe you’ve got a confidence dip, a bit of imposter syndrome, chewing over the authenticity and cultural correctness of what you’ve already learned, feel confused by all the noise on the Socials and not sure who to believe, whoʻs authentic, what’s right and what’s wrong; or maybe, you’re wanting to learn more about Healing & Spirituality, searching for Spiritual Teachings to live by, looking for your people, your community, the place where you belong…if any of that’s the case, then we’re the Robin to your Batman…

Sink in deep, anchor the Mana. Think:



  • Member-only Perks, Deals, Discounts and included Courses
  • Truckloads of low-cost, high return personal, professional and spiritual development
  • Talks, Teachings, Chants, Hulas, Moʻolelo/Stories, Ceremonies
  • Specially curated mini-courses weʻll do live to hone your Spiritual Intelligence and beef up your Intuition
  • A place to gather, ask your questions, get the right answers and talk things over
  • Rotating time zones – our Earth Mother rotates and the times of our activities do too so it’s fair for everyone
  • Talk shop and chat with like-minded folks who really get you
  • Never again wonder and worry if you’re doing things right, if the people you’re following are authentic and if what you’ve read is true or not
  • Workshop ideas and try things out within the Community
  • Watch now or Play later – we record Meetups so you never miss out and if you’ve got questions, Kumu Nālani is ready to answer them
  • First look at New Courses & Talks
  • Insider-only Resources for you and your Practice
  • Exclusive, regular contact with Kumu – you get her all to yourself + you’ll meet other Kumus from time to time

Your Club Membership Includions. Think:


Now, keep in mind this isn’t all of it. We’ll spill our secrets and spoil you rotten when you Join. It’s here that creative conversations get triggered, ideas take shape and the next chapter in your story unfolds…membership inclusions evolve as we do. Keep the list above in mind and read on…


Every month there’s 2 Talks, Teachings, Mini-Workshops and Masterclasses. Think: Exclusive Development


Get Member-only Course Fees and add-ons so you can pivot, learn new skills, uplevel your practice and spiritually soar.


Never ask “am I doing this right?” again! The secret sauce is your personal access to Kumu Nālani


Filled with specially curated Videos, Books, Podcasts, Audio Tools – lots of Kumu only ʻike  you can’t find anywhere else


Never be at a loss for Self-care. Trade your best tips with everyone, find ways to keep the knife sharp,. Think: Jam-packed inspo community


Social Media Know-how Sharing, Biz Help & Coaching, Forums, Playlists, Inspo & Motivation on tap. It’s helping each other to succeed.

But wait, there’s a bit more…


…a bit more! Think: we lift each other up…

  • Dedicated Live Monthly Masterclasses,Q&As and learning with Kumu Nālani as well as Special Guest Presenters, Wise Guides or our Community Members – ‘cos our Community is seriously abundant with diverse Teachers of other Modalities. It might be you sharing with our People…
  • Low Cost HIgh Value structured Program so you know what youʻre getting – but it’s easy and informal too
  • A Gathering Place lights the fire-the-belly for Community Helping – got an issue that has you scratching your head? Bring it forward for discussion & input
  • Pop-up Classes special interest and fun like Hula, Oli, Focusing are great for getting a feel for new things and swipe for your Clients and home practice
  • Safe and Cozy Community to work on new things with, try stuff out, run out your own new offerings, get feedback, engage and get things done 
  • World-wide Connections – be in the first invites to events & classes with our world-wide friends, then they become your friends too!
  • In-country get-togethers weʻll work together to figure out how we can meet up in real life time to learn, train, build our mana, spread aloha, sink in deeper


Membership is capped …

…so Kumu Nālani can give you her very best. Club Memberhip is all Community! That’s why Kumu is keeping it low cost. BUT low cost doesn’t mean low value – anyone who’s worked with Kumu knows how much she gives and gives. You’re at the centre of all that she does. You will come to know how deep her aloha runs for you…


It’s your SoHAD. Your Hālau. Your Club.

Sure, our work is about preserving the Traditional Teachings of our Lineage. Teachings which are the Foundation for everything you can think of in Hawaiian Spirituality, Healing & daily life. BUT (lean in closer), it’s also always been about you! And it always will be. The SoHAD – School of Spirituality, Healing & Development – and the Hālau – School of Hawaiian Spiritual Studies Hawaiian Studies Club, is here for one reason. And that reason is You. We’re here for YOU…

I want you to think about this...


In 6 months, heck, let’s say 12 months from now, where will you be if you didn’t join the Hawaiian Studies Club? where will you be if you did? and what you might have missed out on?

I want you to really think about it to decide if EVERYTHING you just read + more we can offer you, including recognised culturally correct internationally sanctioned Practitioner Training in 39 Countries (whew!), without the HEFTY PRICE TAGS & FEES, is right for you – I’ll leave that decision with you…

Stack up the benefits 

Seasoned Advice, Mentoring

& Guidance on tap from Kumu – an actual hands-on Practitioner who know what it takes

Professional Development

Practical, pragmatic, structured and easy to dive into training right when you need it 

Spiritual Development

Reveal more of your purpose in a deeper sense with help integrating and actioning learnings.

A Real Community

To belong to, be part of and talk things over with. Your People, who support, nourish & cheer you on

Resources at Your fingertips

Swipe files, curated wisdom  & inspo sayings, blogs, readings, reference books – it’s all here for you to use

Lifetime Access to Everything

Like a magic spell, goodness keeps coming & coming for as long as you’re a Member

Plus all the Pop-ups – we don’t know until they happen…you’ll be there of course…

$40/month. That's it!

…and a world of possibilities opens. Everyone who is interested in Hawaiian Spirituality and Healing is welcome to join Hawaiian Studies Club.

We know it’s a small amount but the return is right-on real – we could do the maths, tell you the exact dollar value you get, but we know you’re spinning the sums … so here’s one for you Practitioners: think about how much your first Course cost you…now, think about the Professional Development Courses, Events, Resources, Community, Kumu Time you’re going to get in your $40 Membership …bit of no brainer really…

FAQ #1: What's included?


Your Membership is all about your ongoing learning & development as a Practitioner or Spiritual Seeker:

  • Twice/month: Dedicated Talks, Teachings, Classes
  • Continuous access: to understand the Teachings and upskill using them
  • Real Truth: Ask Kumu Anything (AKA Days) bring your Q&As, Social Media Myth Busting, clarity from confusing misinformation
  • Community: your safe place to learn, try things out, showcase your new stuff, get feedback, build your confidence, ask questions AND get real answers
  • On-demand Kumu: support by Kumu Nālani so you donʻt feel youʻre going it along, doing something wrong or confused about something
  • Pop-ups: surprise! When the inspo takes hold there’s surprise ad-hoc events, some with other Kumus.
  • Discounts: member only discounts on Courses & Retreats

All for $40/month – do the maths, it’s exceptional value in any currency…

FAQ #2: How is the Club structured?


Your Membership is a carefully curated monthly program so you develop from deep within the Teachings of our Lineage over time.

Itʻs structured but informal and relaxed too. Thereʻs no demand on you to achieve anything or milestones – we leave that for our training courses.

The Hawaiian Studies Club (HSC) is where we join forces, collaborate, celebrate, investigate, enquire and get to a better level of understanding about Hawaiian Spirituality, Healing Practices, how to live Life so it’s more fulfilling and happier.

We ride the highs and lows of living and working together. Scroll back  for a refresh on what’s included…

FAQ #3: What about time zone differences?


…being part of a Global Community can sure bring it’s challenges. All of our live Talks & Teachings are recorded so if you miss one you can watch it later. They stay in your Resources for 12 weeks before going into our Archives.

Because we’re as bendy as a Yogi, there’s tonnes of other tools, resources, new things we’ve cooked up to get your hands on. Be prepared for Clubable in-box surprises from time to time too.

And when you need 1:1 personal time with Kumu Nālani or one of the Wise Guides, you simply schedule it to suit.


FAQ #4: Who's it for?


Truth – originally the focus was on Practitioners. Now the Club is open to Spiritual Seekers as well. Kumu believes we can all come together in the same space.

There is still a focus on developing incredible Practitioners who don’t want to feel like they’re flying solo, who want to get deeper into the ins and outs of Hawaiian Spirituality & Healing, who want unheardof access to a Lineage Kumu to build their confidence.

Kumu Nālani is creating a place where you can surround yourself with a supportive community interested in Spirituality, all moving in the same direction.

You’ll never feel left out or that you donʻt know what weʻre talking about.

FAQ #5: Are Courses & Workshops just for Members?


…nope…BUT your Membership gives you more than just cost benefits, ʻcos thereʻs more at stake than dollars.

It’s the priceless AH-HA’s, the things you can’t put easily into words, the excitement you are on the right track, the real connections that go beyond Club Membership, the access to Kumu and Kumu’s Kumu, other Kumus, the SoHAD Wise Guides, the library of information, videos, articles, worksheets and other biz tools. It’s the community that keeps you motivated, on track, accountable if you need it, holds you up when you’re sagging, helps you hug it out or ride it out…

And it’s the ever-present Mana of the Lineage that takes you next level … PLUS,  run fast as you can to FAQ#6 👉🏽…

FAQ #6: Any other lip-smackin' benefits?


Our Teachings are Lineage Teachings by Lineage Kumus – you cannot get this level of training from “non-Lineage” courses and teachers. ☝ AND, as we move forward we will be drawing from our Membership to train next Generation Facilitators (and maybe Kumus) of our Lineage Teachings to work with us.

Of course, no promises you will be amongst those  – but Kumu will draw the next Gen from the Membership. From the moment you meet Kumu has eyes on you – it’s one of her goals whether you are a Pracititoner or Seeker.

With that in her sights, you can imagine the depths the Teachings, Talks and Classes will go too…

I want in, how do I get in?

Membership is capped so that Kumu Nālani can give you the level of attention you both want. So if you miss out on a place, thereʻs a waitlist for spots.

You can cancel your Membership anytime and if youʻre not sure if itʻs for you, roadtest for a month. It might be the best $40 bucks you ever invested.

To become a Member, simply join the Club! Tell us a little about yourself, set up your Membership and then it’s Open Sesame…and if the doors are still locked, get on the waitlist to be first in line for an invite to selected Members-only events while you wait.

I Mua/Go Forward 

We have such an amazing, supportive Community filled with wonderful people. Events, Socials, Courses, Study Groups – like-minded people, sharing the same questions, everyone helping each other, lovers of Hawaiian Spirituality & Healing coming together guided by Kumu, it’s an extraordinary ripple effect.

Want a little freebie, right now just for stopping by?

We usually keep these under wraps but whether you join the Club or not, here’s a little something to help you pave the Path.

About…ME! O Kumu Paʻa Julia Nālani Adams koʻu inoa/My name is Kumu Paʻa Nālani

…and it’s darn fine to meet you! This is me – Kumu Pa’a Julia Nālani – Kumu/Teacher, fulltime Lomilomi & Luna Hoʻoponopono Practitioner, co-author of two books about Traditional Hawaiian Spirituality (yuppidy – who wouldʻve thought)…and, a 3rd seems to be on its way 👀🤸‍♀️

…unikiʻd to Kumu Paʻa of the 51st Generation of Halawa Valley Molokai, Hawaii (in April 2021) through the Lineage of my teacher Kumu Paʻa Nui Lawrence Kalainia Kamani Aki…I’m one of only 5 Kumus trained in a Traditional Hālau/School given the kuleana/ responsibility to care for the Sacred Teachings and to train Practitioners & Seekers in them. There won’t be any more…

…a serial game-changing thinker, Spiritual Myth Cracker and Person Elevator – as in, letʻs see how far up we can go. I’m 100% up to my eyeballs active in the Club.

I’m an aspiring ʻaumakua/spiritual guardian (although I don’t want that to happen any time soon!), of Polynesian descent through the family line of my Makuakāne/Father, and I’m the Chief Guide at the SoHAD, Kumu of Hālau Pō Me Nani, thatʻs the name of the School of Hawaiian Spiritual Studies– (as if you didn’t know…), steerer of a budding social enterprise dedicated to funding and supporting Projects that preserve the Teachings of the Ancestors and help communities…