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For Practitioners of Lomilomi, Holistic Practitioners & Intending Hoʻoponopono or Lomilomi Practitioners


Kumu Paʻa Julia Nālani 51st Generation Teacher from the Lineage of Kumu Paʻa Nui Lawrence Kalainia Kamani Aki, Halawa Valley, Molokai Hawaii; Lomilomi & Luna Hoʻoponopono Practitioner, Caretaker of the Sacred Teachings of Old Hawaii.

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The Ancestors teach Truth arises from Darkness.


As a planetary community, we are moving through a time that amplifies our pursuit of Truth. No longer are we prepared to settle for half-Truth, distorted Truth, embellished Truth, politicised or corporatised Truth.


Truth is above all that.


It is the highest attainment of Existence. It is only through Truth that true enlightment, manifestation and the ease of peace, harmony and understanding can be achieved. Truth leads us to become a living embodiment of Intuition.


Intuition becomes both our form and our essence.

It becomes our guiding light and the guiding light of Source. We become the Guiding Light – our own Guiding Light and a Guiding Light for others. We become the spiritual energy in physical form of Source. In fact, we become Living Intuition…


But it starts with truth.

And the Ancestors knew this very well. They knew that all Truth starts with the uncovering of what is not Truth. Whatever obscures the light of Truth, obscures the Light of Source – of Spirit – and access to the Spiritual Universe to which we belong. We cannot be One, if we cannot heal what is not Truth.

The Light of Truth is the Mana...The Spirit Power of the Ancestors


We begin our study of the Ancestral Teaching of Hoʻoponopono & Truth in this 3 part Hoʻoponpono Masterclass Series.


The Age of Truth is here…

What they say about Kumu & Traditional Hoʻoponopono...


“It‘s such a beautiful teaching and you get so many good tools for yourself to take with you and work on your path!”

 QLD Workshop Australia

It's the Vibes Baby

“Your teachings and presentations were fabulous…” NSW Workshop Australia

Masterclass #2: Layers & Levels

“Julia was energetic, passionate, enthusiastic and attentive to the group dynamic and the Individuals”  NSW Workshop Australia

Right On!

“I loved every element, both taught and experienced. Thank you!” NSW Workshop Australia

Masterclass #3: Hidden Meanings

“I loved every element, both taught and experienced. Thank you!” NSW Workshop Australia

“You are an incredible healer and lineage-holder” Louise, Sydney, Australia

Want results like this? Put your Tushy on my chair...


“I just wanted to tell you how much I feel my session with you changed me… I didn’t see it at the time .. but I have been more myself in years and have found love … I would love to do another session with you … thank you I think you made a change in me” Pheobe, Sydney, Australia

In each Free Live 1 hour Class learn about:

The Healing Force

that is Traditional Hoʻoponopono

How Traditional Ho’oponopono

carries the Mana of the Ancestors and you can too

Why Ho’oponopono

is the Gift of the Ancestors for these times

The Layers and Levels

of Ancestral Thinking within Traditional Hoʻoponopono

The Hidden Meanings

in the Ho’oponopono Teachings

Why You Should Be Doing

Traditional Hoʻoponopono with your Clients and the opportunities you miss when you donʻt

Plus, get your free bonus:

Free Take Home Practitioner Training Practice

We usually only teach in our full Luna Hoʻoponopono Training

Ho'oponopono means we can live in Lōkahi.

A state of unity, harmony, oneness and balance with all things in this Universe, all of the time…it’s the hidden meaning of Healing

The true pandemic of our times is not the experience Covid …

…but the experience of our Separation from Source, from Spirit, from the Universe, from the Teachings of our Ancestors. We have become separate from each other and the true spiritual essence of ourselves. Separation births fear, anxiety, unhappiness, which in turn births poor decisions, which end up in painful life situations. The only reason we “do healing” is to heal the Separation.

When separation is healed …

…we are are able to enter into the state of lōkahi – unity, harmony, oneness and balance – and live our lives from it. Thatʻs why the Ancestors developed the process of Hoʻoponopono and why our Lineage has preserved the Tradition.

About Kumu Paʻa Julia Nālani Adams

Julia is a fulltime Lomilomi & Luna Hoʻoponopono Practitioner, co-author of two books about Traditional Hawaiian Spirituality (yuppidy – who wouldʻve thought)…

…unikiʻd to Kumu Paʻa of the 51st Generation of Halawa Valley Molokai, Hawaii (in April 2021) through the Lineage of her teacher Kumu Paʻa Nui Lawrence Aki…she has been given the kuleana/responsibility to care for the Sacred Teachings and to train Practitioners & Seekers in them

…a serial zagger instead of zigger, Spiritual Myth Cracker and Elevator – as in, letʻs press all the buttons and see how far up we can go!

All heart and aspiring ʻaumakua/spiritual guardian, Kumu is of Polynesian descent through the family line of her Makuakāne/Father. She is the Chief Guide at the SoHAD, School of Spirituality, Healing & Development – a social enterprise dedicated to funding and supporting Projects that preserve the Teachings of the Ancestors for Generations to come.