We all know when we’re not, so why don’t we do it…

We just love it when things line up and everything just falls into place. We love it so much we ‘can’t believe” it. 

We love that contented, kind of miraculous feeling – an intuitive knowing that if we could only put our mind to it we could have whatever we want all of the time…

So it’s seems counter intuitive, that when we have these experiences, we know that’s how it’s supposed to be, yet we don’t continue to do it. 

Perhaps it’s conditioning – “...you can’t have everthing you want…” so we don’t really expect to get what we most desire and we’re suprised when we do. 

By the way, that’s another self-sabotaging thought, that shows us how deeply ingrained, “less than” and “not having” actually is in our modern lives. 

It also shows us how seperate we’ve become in our modern lives and how far away we’ve moved from what we call in the SOHAD – the School of Spirituality, Healing & Development which is also part of True Nature – “the space”. 

The “space” is the Universal System of which we are all a part. When we are in alignment with the System and in “the space” – everything else lines up around us. It has to, because we are PONO – that is, in correct alignment Spiritually, Mentally, Physically. 

We are living from within “the Space” from within the Spiritual System. When we live this way, we are living from Spiritual Intelligence – a higher form of intelligence. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is part of Spiritual Intelligence as is IQ.

It’s living from a higher aspect and we all know how to do it – it’s just that we have lost contact with it because the qualities that we use to live this way have become devalued in modern society. It’s one of our latent skills.

From the Druids to the Hawaiians, Earth-based Cultures all have this same Teaching. If modern people continue down the path, which we call the path of Separation, then the legacy of our world is in peril because we are living from “outside” the system.

The Spiritual System relies on us to do our part which is to live from a place of Completeness – which is a step beyond Oneness and Wholeness – and from which we can only live IF we live from within the System itself!

This is what the Sacred Teaching of PONO is – living in right relationship and balance with all things in this Universe BECAUSE we know that we and the Universe are one and the same. One cannot achieve its Completeness without the other…it’s a bit of a mind bend.

So if living in Alignment gives us all the good stuff, all that we desire – why don’t we do it?

Because it takes sustained effort, belief and acceptance of our Personal Power. Self-sabotage again that has become more like, society sabotage. It’s literally become a power game.

The game is to keep us small. Spiritually, in our Lineage Teachings, we know this to be the handiwork of the Kalohe & Kepalo – spiritual energies that prey on our vulnerabilities and seek to disrupt and destroy at every level.

These energies are able to get a foothold in our lives because of our unhealed vulnerabilities which take us out of living PONO, in the right alignment with Spirit. Fleetingly we experience PONO and the right alignment when those good things happen to us, but we take ourselves out again by putting it down to a fluke – but it’s the Ancestors saying “hey! When you do this, live like this, this is how good life can be...”

You can have it all – we call can. We just have to make a commitment to keep doing our inner work and close the gap of Separation. It’s that simple…

Our Path to Pa’ Course – Part 1: PAPA Foundations and Part 2 – Living Pa’a are two Courses which help you to set your foundation and understand yourself better. Our Spiritual Intelligence Courses are a direct path to “the Space” and we include Stage 1 in our Practitioner Level Courses as a Bonus Module.

Other ways you can help clear yourself and prepare to enter into an exploration of “the Space” and your Spiritual Intelligence is by working one-on-one with the Wise Guides.

Food for thought…explore the Free Previews in our courses