Our Teaching Philosophy

Ours is a lived spirituality – real Spirituality for real people – with 50+ Generations standing behind it

Learn Step by Step

We break everything down into 3 easy steps.

Learn your way – like to read, watch, listen, practice, think, a bit of each? There’s also bonus activities with built in stretch goals, quizzes to do, creative collages to make, puzzles to solve, sacred walks to take, a living classrom to explore and daily challenges to keep your motor running. Learning activities balance the underpining knowledge you need for lifelong success and practical action. Even though you’re joining from home, it feels like you’re part of the gang. We’ve made learning as easy as 1,2,3. How do you like to learn?

We Focus on Teaching You the Right Foundations

When your foundation is firm and strong, you can dive deep…

…in any direction and sometimes multiple directions at once! It’s the ABC’s – our Kumu (Traditional Teacher) always reminds us that everyone is in a hurry to get to Z without taking the time to learn the ABC’s in detail. Then they wonder why they’re not getting the results they want. We don’t take that risk – in our school, we give you the detail and the depth. Ours is a lived spirituality – real Spirituality for real people – with 50+ Generations standing behind it. You want proof of the effectiveness of our Traditional Teachings – there it is, the fact that we are part of one of the oldest continuing teaching Halau’s (schools) in Hawaii. After 50+ Generations, we know a thing or two…

With Lots of Support

You get where you want to be faster.

We want you to succeed and get all the benefits Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, Physically. We want you to be happy, fullfilled and bouncing with the intuitive energy that living in the right Spiritual Alignment gives you. We want you to be able to use your skills in every part of your daily life – that’s what it’s all about. As well as your Self-paced learning pack, you can join online discussion forums, join a live class if we’re in a town near you or get some one-on-one time with an Expert Course Guide – the Wise Guides. Processing your experiences is a critical part of your development. We strongly recommend everyone has 1:1 session with a Guide. The Wise Guides help you process your experiences, move past old blocks, patterns and the things you’ve been avoiding, to put what you learn in your course into life. They also help you to understand and process your learning experiences – which can sometimes seem a little “out there” – strange or different. We help you do the heavy lifting that gets results.

You Go Deep

We focus on lifelong Process, not short term Technique.

Techniques are learning tools – not the endgame. Too many Spiritual Training Courses focus on the Technique to do something or other, but what happens is you can end up relying on the Technique and without it get stuck in life, so you’re back where you started. Life is a living process from moment to moment – you must learn the Process of life so you know where you fit in and how you fit in. The Process is what takes you over the line and into the endgame. And that’s right where you want to be – deeply, juicily connected at every level.

With Knowledge, Skills, Wisdom

You understand Spirituality to the Nth degree.

We teach you the Knowledge and we don’t skimp on it. You get it all for the level you’re at. But then you’ve got to do something with all that KNOWLEDGE, so we teach you how to translate all of it’s layers to live it in your own life – that’s SKILLS covered. WISDOM comes through your lived experience: learning, acting, reflecting, planning, acting again, reflecting some more. Through this continual cycle you take yourself to the depths of Spirituality so there is no separation between you and Spirit. You’re living in a state of Completeness, from deep within what we call “the Space”. You are you and everything else at the same time…

It’s the Total Package


Learning step by step, it’s a slow burn of continuously extending and building on your existing skills, knowledge and understanding. Self-paced yet fully customisable through real life transformation activities and the 1-to-1 Wise Guides Sessions to help you bring it home. The bedrock of your training is the 50+ Generations of Teachings for life, healing & spirituality. They’re the homebase of all SoHAD Courses – they show you the way. All you have to do is reach out and we’ll take you there…


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