Need to improve your People Skills – here’s how…

IF you’ve been given feedback that you need to improve your People Skills, Communication Skills or Leadership Skills OR you want to get ahead in the workplace for your next career move – here’s the best way to do it.

The world is full of people leading and interacting from their personal wounds – that is, wound to wound. The wounded trying to lead the wounded…it isn’t exactly a recipe for success.

There’s examples at every level of Governance – from Global Leadership to the local SME. The reason why workplace leadership is in such a poor state with rampant bullying and the like, is because Leaders don’t do their inner work and the teams they lead don’t either.

So all day every day, everyone’s wounds are getting triggered. If you are a leader of people you have a responsibility to heal and resolve your “stuff” so that you aren’t projecting and transferring it on to others in your workplace. And you model working on your “stuff” is cool and normal thing to do.

PROJECTION is when you take your own unliked, unwanted emotions and traits and attribute them to someone else. It stops you having to acknowledge the parts of yourself you don’t like.

People who feel inferior and have low self-esteem can also project their own feelings of not being good enough onto others. It’s a self-defence mechansim that kicks in under pressure. We’ve all done at some time in our lives – so don’t be too hard on yourself if this is hitting on a raw nerve.

The workplaces seem to reward stress, skewed values and all sorts of availability except emotional availability. The cycle continues – until you decide otherwise.

There’s a range of complex emotional transactions that happen at work and few people are well equipped to acknowledge them and work through them because Spiritual Intelligence isn’t always learned at home and it’s not taught in Leadership Courses or even thought about in workplaces.

if each person is doing their inner work, then there wouldn’t be the issues in the workplace to start with. Leaders and teams would be comfortable acknowledging weaknesses, vulnerabilities, failures – the whole conversation would change because they can accept experiencing the negative about themselves.

Language would be very different. It would be emotionally healthy, comfortable with intimacy and give space to working through problems without judgement or threat of punative action.

Good leadership starts with: developing self-reflection skills to understand yourself better FIRST, being able to explore your inner world, your past, learning about your wounds, your shame, anger, fear or whatever it is and their impact on your whole life not just work, and being curious about yourself rather than judging. Your future as a Leader isn’t that important but your future as a person is – good leadership will naturally arise when you become the person you want to be. That’s called being PONO.

To get better people skills come to our next workshop. Open the doors to the best of you – that’s where the real power comes from to get ahead in every part of life. That’s what real people skills are…

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