…so you can find the Light.

All the pieces are slowly falling into place. It is our hurry to by-pass the “falling” process that creates within us the ripples of Impatience.

Look into Nature, it all unfolds slowly. The Earth nourishes that which grows upon it from deep within. Nature understands the interplay of Elements required for growth and movement. Falls from the heavens, Winds blow across the Earth, Rays heat and warm – each one a necessary piece taking its place.

The Teaching: Growing happens from within the Cycles.

You canʻt grow from outside the Cycle. The Vine isn’t impatient to wrap it’s way from the dark forest floor to the light above. It just knows that it will find its way nourished by the life giving elemental process of cycles.

Sometimes it will move fast, at other time slowly, and then there will be the time of seeming stillness with no movement. Yet within the time of stillness there is still movement happening from deep within. Preparation for the next cycle.

In our Urban lives we have moved away from the keen observations of the world around us. For many the natural world is replaced by bricks and mortar. Yet each one of us only has to raise our eyes and gaze upon the heavens to see the Natural World progressing through it’s cycles.

It doesn’t take a “course” to learn this way, but remembering to simply “look up”.

Patience is like that. Impatient for change, what are you nuturing from deep within that is the vehicle for both change and the patience to let it take place – piece by piece?

Change is intentional. The intention unfolds from within the Process we call Change.

Change is movement. Often we want it to happen instantaneously. Simply because we want something. We want the outcome. We might be thirsting for it, excited for it, craving for it. The motivation is often escape.

Escape from the present. From the current experience. From the memory of the past. From the pain of poor decisions. From the torment of not knowing. We seek relief from the mysteries.

Change is a learning experience. It is a shaper of things to come. Change is full of resolutions as we go through it. Change gives us the gift of reflection. It shows us judgement and non-judgement at the same time. It fills us with possibility. And it empowers us to live what it is we want to create through change.

Fear of Change is also a pointer to where we are out of alignment Spiritually. If we are fearing Change, then there is a certainty – we can be certain we have created Separation between the Ancestors and ourselves.

In Change we want some sort of assurity that our gamble will payoff. But the payoff isn’t at the end. It’s along the way. That is what we have to learn to see. If you are impatient to get to the final outcome, you will miss the Spiritual Forces at play.

Impatience is because we want an end to our current experience. Patience teaches us to find our true selves along the way, to fully experience ourselves in the act of co-creating, of being led by the Ancestors.

And it also shows us where the hana/the work is we still need to do on ourselves to live the Change we want to be. If the pieces seem to be slowly falling, relish the learning. They may be falling into a different configuration than what you could see from the place you were before. Showing a different way…

Ss the pieces fall, they might change their shape. And yours too…Take your time, be intentional, let the pieces fall slowly so you can see what needs to be changed and reshaped along the way. That is creative Power.

Change happens because you do – many times in many ways, reflect on your younger self and what you thought then and what you think now.

You will continue to change many times at some level because itʻs a constant and natural process within the continuation of Universal Life. Learn to be patient as the pieces fall, and new doors will open within you…Aloha, Kumu Nālani 🌺❤️x

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