Super 9’s List for Creating a Season of Change

Super 9’s List for Creating a Season of Change

With the finish line for 2021 only a few months away, Now is the time to start looking forward. 

Before the run home; before the hurly burly of Christmas ramps up where it’s easy to get caught up in the distraction as you swing from crazy to chaotic – end of year targets, an endless round of socialising (we hope…), holidays, Christmas lunch & dinner to think about, co-ordinating visits to the relies (again, we can only hope in these upside down times…)

Before any of that happens – start taking stock now. Put down Covid-uncertainty for a moment, take a breath, get a cup of tea, sit, breath, let yourself sink back and ask one simple question to answer, “am I happy?”.

You might answer sometimes, generally, usually, not always – we all have things in our life that make us feel happy, but deep down are you happy?

If you find yourself saying “I’ll be happy when…“, it’s time to clear the clutter to uncover what truly makes you happy. Finding happy isn’t a chase or a goal to go after it’s finding where your happy place is within you & the rest follows.

How about making this year, your year of personal change and development – free from being weighed down by past baggage, expectation, toeing the line…

Unfortunately while there’s still a lot of stigma about it, Counselling is really all about Personal Development – working one-on-one with someone to help you get where you want to go, to stop doing the things that prevent you from being happy and start doing more of the things that do. Really, it’s that simple.

A year of Personal Change can start at anytime, it’s not just a new year kind of thing. In the old times, everyone lived within the Seasons, you can start your own Season of Change. Here’s the list of the super 9’s:

1. Let go of expectations of yourself, others and how you think things should be

2. Stop trying to please everyone – it takes you away from your true self

3. Repair resentment, guilt and shame – find its root cause and heal it. Remember we all makes mistakes – it’s how we learn

4. Find forgiveness and you’ll find authentic connections with yourself and others

5. Say goodbye to draining, de-energising relationships – it’s tough but you’ve got to know when it’s not for you

6. Release all the busyness – have you confused it with status and achievement? It doesn’t give you more of anything except stress and (often) lower self-esteem

7. Money doesn’t buy happiness – of course you need it but what have you traded-off for material gain & earning more & more? And how much do you really need anyway?

8. Let go of fear of abandonment – it leads to poor decision making

9. And let go of fear too – that’s one thing the Kūpuna/Elders always advise. Fear is the distortion of the Ego which is designed to help you in this school of life.

A list is just a list without action and action, especially the first steps into positive action, is hard to take on your own – you need a Guide to help you access the places you would not be able to go by yourself, help you distentangle yourself from what’s got you caught, and to help you move from thinking to learning, healing, growing and changing…

Striking a chord? If you want to create your milestone Season of Change, this short article is shared from Mark, one of our Wise Guides. All of the Wise Guides are wonderfully skilled Helpers and they all work in lusciously different ways. You can book time with them on the Wise Guide Booking Page, and you want to have a free 15 minute chat with one of them before booking – let them know here (don’t forget to tell us which Wise Guide you want to work with).