The Grandest Accomplishment of Life

The Grandest Accomplishment of Life

Not many people stop to think about it in this way. Although we might all achieve some very great things, overcoming Fear is the grandest accomplishment of our lives…

From finding happiness to achieving a long held dream, overcoming your fear of failure, rejection, embarrassment or even the praise and honour that comes with success, is scarier than ghosts, spiders and sharks combined.

Self-sabotage is a “grown-up” version of fear driven by a mish mash of negative thoughts, feelings & self-defeating behaviours that prevent you from ever leaving your comfort zone. Old routines, beliefs and processes tend to give you a false sense of safety.

It often starts as a way to avoid uncomfortable feelings of anxiety about a situation which over time and with what’s called negative reinforcement (a “positive” reward for doing the “wrong” thing), becomes an ingrained response to anything that might cause disappointment or hurt.

The end result is living a life of regrets and never knowing what your full potential could be. Getting outside help is the numero uno priority. With the help of a Counsellor (or Wise Guide) you learn about your favourite forms of self-sabotage which can range from fear of taking risks to perfectionism, procrastination & constantly comparing yourself to others,

Even continual complaining about others can be sabotage. There’s lots of sabotaging behaviours and you need to learn which ones are your “go to’s“. A Counsellor (or one of the SoHAD Wise Guides) helps you identify and try out healthy replacement behaviours and practice them, as well as finding practical ideas to eliminate self-sabotage,  Only with self-reflection, insight and guidance can you begin the process of transformation…

About Wise Guide Mark: Mark is an accomplished Holistic Psychotherapist with many years experience. His quiet and steady, yet laser focussed, way of working really helps you to trust and have faith in yourself; to sink back and sink in to your healing work and get down to business with his balanced guidance showing you the way.