One step for yourself, one giant leap for humankind. Maybe when Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon, he had something similar in mind for each individualʻs personal greatness and contribution to the wellbeing of the whole Planet and Universe…maybe it was really a call to action for each one of us to look within, to check out whatʻs going on and chart our own new course…

Wby do Spiritual Courses? What are you looking for? Sometimes itʻs because you want to change jobs and something seems appealing; other times you just feel out of sorts and looking for a kicker to boost you back into action; most times itʻs because most of us are aware, even vaguely, of our vulnerabilities and hot buttons, and weʻre looking for the almost unnamable something to show us how to be a better version in some way. Weʻre looking for the kind of fulfilment that actually doesnʻt come in a box.

We have to look outside of the box in order to find our trueness; the essence of ourselves. If weʻre here on the Earth we have a responsibility to ourselves to care for our fragile essence, to build it up and train it to withstand the many spiritual tests it will encounter as we grow and live.

Because thatʻs what Earth Life is about. To strengthen our Resilience Spiritually, Mentally, Physically and in that order, so that when we are no longer here we can take our place in the Ancestor Realm and become a Guide and Helper for those that are walking after us.

But weʻre not going to make it There if we donʻt focus on Here! Here is where we stake our claim to our Past, our Present and our Future. Here is where we prepare ourselves to be ready for whatever comes our way and to take action to stay on what our Ancestors called the “Line of Truth”. Whenever we experience unhappiness, we have a problem. But we also have a clear indicator that weʻre out of alignment.

If we are in alignment we will not experience unhappiness in the same way. Sure weʻll get unhappy, but we will know it for what it is. We wonʻt get dragged down by it, debilitated or paralysed. We wonʻt lose ourselves in it. We know where it can take us, so we know how to head it off at the Pass. We do not have to suffer; it doesnʻt have to be our human condition. Our Ancestors didnʻt have that in their Teachings and we donʻt have it today.

What they encouraged was living from Spiritual Intelligence, which has become all hip today. They didnʻt call it that of course. Itʻs not new. They lived it for Generations. They learned about it as they migrated from Java way to the Marquessas Islands and eventually into Hawaii. They learned if they didnʻt live from Spiritual Intelligence, they would perish.

They understood that Spiritual Intelligence wasnʻt just one thing but a series of understandings about their world, the Universe, the Universes beyond Universes and their relationship to it all. All of this knowledge was their lived experience, to use a modern-day term.

Their knowledge was so vast they divided their understanding into layers and levels and trained each other to be experts in them, which is why we have the wisdom saying now “all knowledge is not taught in the one school” – imagine if only one person knew all these things and then they perished, what would happen then?

Exactly, up the kahawai/river without a hoe/paddle. They also understood that just as one thing is born from another, so is learning and knowledge. Itʻs a continuous cycle that is deep within all things including ourselves.

Their deep knowledge extended to Human Behaviour. They saw how things were with some people – just like today some people had weak boundaries, others abused and bullied, some had grandiose visions for themselves at the expense of others, some coerced, manipulated, lied, blamed and showed no remorse for their actions. Just like it is today. Just as it still is today…

How do we know? Because they continued migrating to get away from it and they devised a set of Teachings that everyone could live by in the process. Teachings that they knew could led people away from corruption and help them to stay on the Line of Truth.

Thatʻs why thereʻs more than one teaching, although that said, there really is only one Powerful Teaching. No Separation. If we can master that, we an master our Earth Existence, because to live in a state of No Separation means we must be living from our Spiritual Intelligence.

All of the Teachings reinforce this state of Being that feels like it arises from our Physical Centre but which is really our Spiritual Centre activated – because there is No Separation between the two. And when we feel it this way, itʻs reinforcement of the Truth of it.

Which is why Truth is another of the Teachings. If there is Truth, there canʻt be Separation. And so it goes on with each of the Teachings. We have long said the real epidemic of our times is Separation.

When we are in Separation we are not able to be Resilent. Which is why the Teachings of our Lineage are all about building Resilience at the Spirit, Mind, Body Levels – in that order. Resilience is a spiritual endeavour. It is a physical experience that has a Spiritual solution.

And thatʻs what youʻre doing in our Path to Paʻa Course, our Spiritual Intelligence Courses, our Welsh Spirtuality Course (which arrives soon) and all of the short courses that we take you on. Theyʻre all about the same thing. Resilience. Building a foundation where you are so sure of yourself, so strong in your essential essence, so firm and unshakeable in your relationship with yourself and Spirit, that no matter what other people say and do, youʻre OK. You know who you are and where you are.

It doesnʻt mean that other people wonʻt hurt you and you wonʻt be hurt by them or that you wonʻt want to retaliate. It means that if you get knocked down, you know how to get back up again. Thatʻs why our Courses are important. Theyʻre real life as it has been lived over and over for Generations.When you do them, you become part of our Generation who knows. If youʻre a Practitioner, we want you to share them with your Clients in sessions. Thatʻs what theyʻre for.

Theyʻre for life…

☝🏽 Note from Kumu Nālani: Koʻu Hoaalaoha/My Friends – I have brought together our preserved Teachings and how to apply them to our modern lives. I have woven them together into a program that will help you to learn, heal, grow and change what needs to be built and transformed. Learning to do this is part of the course and how you begin training yourselves to become more Resilient.

You will be able to map and see your life on a page and we will work together to work out how the Teachings will guide you toward resolution and resilience. I invite you to CONTACT ME if you need to discuss how this training might help you or to work 1:1 with me. My role as a Lineage Kumu is to help you in service of your highest good and that of our collective humanity. 😊