Moʻolelo – A Teaching Story: How the Naupaka Flower Came to Be

Moʻolelo – A Teaching Story: How the Naupaka Flower Came to Be

A Moʻolelo is a story. Every story preserves important information for a healthy, spiritually-driven life. Teaching Stories have many layers and levels. We call this the kaona – the deeper, sacred meaning concealed within what is shared.

A Haumana/Student learns a moʻolelo word for word so they can share it acurately with the next generation of listeners to benefit from the Teaching. And the story of how the Naupaka Flower came to be goes like this…

There is a shiny green plant that grows near the beaches of Hawaii called the Naupaka. It has small delicate white half flowers. It was named for Naupaka, a Hawaiian Princess who lived many, many years ago at a time when the Naupaka blossoms were whole.

Her people loved Naupaka. She was always smiling and she had sweet words for all the people of the village. One day they noticed Naupaka was very sad. “Aue! Oh dear, why is Naupaka so sad?” they asked each other.

Word reached the King and Queen. They found Naupaka at the mountain pool. The face reflected in the water was a very sad face. “O dear daughter, why are you so sad?” her mother asked.

Naupaka shook her head “I am deeply in love, in love with a handsome young man named Kauʻi”

“Is he of noble birth?” her mother asked.

“No my mother, he is not”

The social order of the day did not allow members of the royal family to marry commoners. Her father said “we must consult the Kupuna/Elders of the Village. They will tell us what to do.”

Alas, the Kupuna did not give their decision. They said “Naupaka and Kauʻi must journey far, they must journey to the Heiau. There the Kahuna will tell them.”

Naupaka and Kauʻi journeyed for many days until they finally reached the great heiau at the top of the mountain.

There they waited at the lava wall and called out to the Kahuna within. “We have arrived here at your temple. Please answer us and come to speak with us.”

The old Kahuna arrived and listened to Naupaka and Kauʻi. He shook his head sadly. “The Hawaiian Gods must decide.”

Suddenly the sky darkened and the wind rose. There was a torrent of rain, a loud clap of thunder and flashes of lightening. Naupaka and Kauʻi embraced sadly. The Gods had given them a sign. They were not to marry.

Naupaka tore the blossom from her hair. She broke it in two and placed half the blossom in Kauʻiʻs palm. “We will separate” she said. “I will remain here in the mountains and you will journey back to the seashore. And, my beloved, never again will we meet”.

The Naupaka blossoms growing nearby heard the lovers sadness and bowed their heads.

To this very day the Naupaka blossom of the mountains and the Naupaka blossom of the seashore remain in perfect halves

The Hawaiians believe that some day Naupaka and Kauʻi will be reunited and the flowers will again bloom as whole, perfect blossoms.

Mahalo Anakala Pilipo Solatorio – this moʻolelo was shared with Uncle by Anake Noni Beamer. Mahalao na Kupuna for preserving this beautiful Teaching Story for us all to learn, live and share.

☝🏽 Learning Challenge From Kumu Nālani:

  • Challenge yourself to “think like a Hawaiian” (thatʻs one of the things we help Seekers and Practitioners interested in Hawaiian Culture & Healing to develop) as you read this Moʻolelo
  • Can you find the main points that tell you what this Moʻolelo is about?
  • What is the purpose of this moʻolelo – the Kupuna/Elders always did things for a purpose, moʻolelo is not different
  • Now, can you take it a step further and find the “kaona” – the deeper, sacred meanings placed carefully within this story?
  • Write or record your answers – send them to me if you like and Iʻll give you some feedback 😍 here to share with me
  • Next Step: put what you learn into practice in your own life…

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