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Snazzy feedback aside, you are our Universe.

We have one job – to share the teachings that connect you directly to the Ancestors.

That’s how you get to live your best life…

“Absolute heartfelt gratitude for your time and guidance through the Path to Pa’a course 🙏 Powerful teachings. 

I did just want to reach out and thank you for the wonderful way you facilitated. I am very excited to have found these teachings and your ‘school’…” 

Student – Path to Pa’a Course, Australia

Student – Path to Pa’a Course, USA


“When I started the Pa’ a course a change occurred in me almost immediately…I have finally found home. This is real and not some feel good temporary emotion. I do not believe in coincidences and it was obviously meant for me to find this course…”

“Thank you 🙏 for yesterday’s class, and all our classes, you have a gift in teaching and making uncomfortable students feel confident…”

Student – Luna Ho’oponopono Course, Australia

“Mahalo for our Sacred time together. This truly has changed so much for me…”

Student – Ho’oponopono Masterclass, Australia


“I feel so seen by this Lineage…”

Student – Path to Pa’a, UK


“Superb Techniques. Happily completed the course and much better for it. Techniques are simple and very effective…”

Student – Spiritual Intelligence 1, Australia

“I have felt a lot of peace and lightness around my relationship. My mind does not go to that fearful place at all which is wonderful. Truly I feel that something deep has been healed and that I am supported in this journey…”

Client – Ho’oponopono Online Session, UK


’I’m in a good place with myself now. All is calm with me. I mahalo you for your patience and persistence with me yesterday and generosity with time. I feel 100% supported….”


Client – Ho’oponopono Online session, Australia


“Anyway, I cannot tell you what a difference you made to both me and my daughter. Honestly, though, you were so incredibly helpful to us both. I am convinced that the benefits of my session with you have been felt over these past weeks and I feel SO much less stressed. I am not kidding, even my inflammation has been reduced and I am so CHILL!  Thank you again for your generous time and invaluable expertise.”

Client – Healing Converations + Lomilomi, USA

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