“I’m going out, I try to meet people, I try to look happy all the time so they think I’m fun…” Sound familiar?

FINDING IT HARD TO PACK UP & MOVE ON? Do you dread Valentine’s Day because puts the spotlight on relationships when we’d rather a rosy glow, or any other holiday for that matter? 

Walk around the park on a sunny weekend afternoon and it seems that just about everyone is happy in love except you.

If you’re finding it hard to move on from the ONE WHO WASN’T, then it could be because LOVE is addictive. Just like any addiction it usually has it’s roots in early experiences.

The ideal of “romantic” love is hard to ignore – we’re bombarded with it daily in one way or another, which is a blessing really because it reminds you to have another go at cutting loose once and for all.

Recent studies show that love activates our brain part linked to addiction, so when love’s lost you go into withdrawal.

When love lost hits you hard & you just can’t let go, try answering these 6 questions:

1. are you really grieving something unresolved from the past?

2. did you feel secure growing up as a child?

3. was your partner part of some other life goal?

4. did having a partner make you feel more worthy?

5. do you feel there isn’t any opportunity to meet someone else?

6. are you still in the “infactuated, first days” state of mind?

Answer these questions truthfully & you’ll get back on track. Try it by yourself or book yourself in with one of the SoHAD Wise Guides. Just a few sessions will work wonders and well worth the outlay…

Kumu Julia recalls her search for “the One”. I remember wondering if I was ever going to find the ONE. And I did – right next to me in Counselling School. BUT, before that, I flung myself into my inner work. Because, when all is said and done, that’s the key to having the relationship you want, not the one you’ll settle for. And yes as part of that I wrote lists, said affirmations and prayed – a lot. But I kept working on myself.

And finally, when I had sorted through the baggage, the fear, the worry, the anxiety and made peace with myself and felt it was OK to be alone for the rest of my life, in that moment of great peace, my life changed and I absolutely knew without a doubt that soon I would find my ONE and I did – so do the work and you will too.”

I KNOW 100% doing your inner work will help you find the partner that’s perfect for you. It may take a while, but it’ll be well worth the investment. And you won’t be waiting around – you’ll be busy doing your inner work, finding your way AND coming out the otherside as the person you truly aspire to be, not someone else’s idea of who you should be and what’s acceptable.

Please reach out to the SoHAD Wise Guides – they’re all qualified Therapists. They all work slightly differently but they all come from the same Spiritual space. It’s not about being your “best self” – don’t fall into that mindtrap – it’s about being YOUR SELF. That’s the one the world needs. And your life partner will find you when your own light shines bright.