CAN HERBS HELP HEAL A BUSY NERVOUS SYSTEM? They sure can. Plants and herbs have been used for thousands of years to cure ailments, gain wisdom, heal the emotions and restore physical wellbeing.If you’ve never tried herbal remedies then you’ll be surprised at what herbs can offer you. Most clients comment on the lovely herby aroma in the studio and are surprised when I reveal my favourite blend is Basil, Rosemary, Lemongrass and Sage. 

As well as being good for bone health, Basil (and Rosemary) are also helpful for purifying the body and connecting the mind with spiritual clarity. Much of our life stress is captured in our solar plexus which is also linked to our digestive health. When the solar plexus is over-active or under-active due to mental and emotional tension, the digestive system is impacted. Basil can help regulate metabolism and digestion at the same time as it soothes the solar plexus.

Rosemary is helpful for decreasing anxiety, stimulating a conscious mind, opening the heart and increasing energy and vitality. It assists muscle aches and pains too.

Lemongrass has the highest concentration of Citral in it compared to any other plant in the world. Citral has antioxidant properties that benefits the brain; it relieves stress and improves sleep patterns, nervous system upsets and insomnia.

Sage helps smooth muscle tension and assists breathing. It has a relaxant effect which makes it perfect for soothing the nervous system and the leaf has been used to reduce menopausal sweats. The vibration of Sage is also useful in healing the heart and of course in Indigenous Cultures it’s been used for centuries in clearing and cleansing ceremonies.

Herbs can be taken in lots of different ways – diffused as aromatherapy oils, in tonics, added to food, in lotions, potions and tablets. Prescribing herbal remedies is a real skill and takes years of training, so self-prescribing isn’t recommended. Always check with your Naturopath or Herbalist first.

Whilst herbs have powerful healing properties, protecting yourself from busy lifestyles means taking a more holistic approach to understanding your needs at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, is mission critical.

You can revitalise your energy and vitality levels by paying attention to your diet, having regular downtime and prioritising yourself so that you include interests that bring you joy and nourish you on every level. It’s not just about the physical – your spiritual self is just as important. Herby health is magnified when you’re in the correct Spiritual alignment. It all starts and ends with making sure there’s no separation between you and Spirit. When that is in place, everything else will be too. So if you’re out of alignment, feel stuck and out of sorts on a physical level, remember there’s alignment work to do.

Healing needs to start with the Spiritual, then the mind and body will heal too. Herbs are our happy helpers – they are our Kūpuna/Elders, members of our extended family. They willingly share their wisdom if we each learn to listen. Life’s not about being alive, it’s about being well, balanced and in harmony with everything around you.

Getting Herby: always, always start with your local Herbalist for your physical health needs – you’ll have much more success more quickly than self-prescribing. And don’t be afraid to share your intuitive wisdom about what you “feel” is happening in your physical body. A quality Herbalist will love you sharing your intuitive knowing and embrace it in their prescriptions.